It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were in the Seychelles doing our second house sit (the first being September 2015 in the Tenderknob, SF). Our travels still seem unreal but we are still at it, and loving it. In the past year, we have learned:

Friendly Vietnam Can be Chilly in Winter


Careful, Malaysia is Still the Best Place not to Get Caned



Bali Is Colorful Below and Above the Waterline


Thailand Has the Best Medical Tourism Question Ever

  Australia has Big Bats, Birds, and Beers


USA is Still Rocking at Owasco Lake, and More

Bermuda is Hurricane Proof

Mexico is Older than you Think

And Coronado has Peacocks and Iguanas


Coronado’s an expat beach community an hour west of Panama City, Panama,  just off the Pan American Highway. As of this writing, we are in Coronado on our 10th house sit, taking care of a HumV (known for low testosterone levels), a golf cart that just sits sadly waiting for its owners to return, a real car for actual driving, a swimming pool, and a 4-bedroom house run by 4 cats and 3 dogs. We do get our own room.

In addition to continuing to learn Spanish this Fall and Winter, we have also been trying to start this blog (duh!).  In conceptualizing our blog we considered doing a commercial travel blog, a humor blog, a travel advice blog, a psych blog — anyway, what we have done so far is none of the above.  Ultimately we decided that we simply want to use our blog as a place to post stories, pictures and musings of our present or our past.  As you will no doubt discover if you doodle around in there for awhile, our current blog is by no means error free or compleat (don’t even try to follow us on Instagram at this point) but we figured that telling people about it and getting feedback might help motivate us to do more.

Family, Friends & Followers

We are proud to have 2 followers so far. They are another couple who sold their home in Nova Scotia to travel, and whom we will meet at the end of April, when they take over our Costa Rican house sit. Maybe we’ll get a link in for them at some point. If you are feeling adventurous, sign up for our updates and maybe we will figure out how to send them LOL.

Despite our amazing travel experiences it has been a somewhat tough year in a couple ways in particular –  friends dying, and American politics. We remain incredibly thankful for our friends and family and especially for new friends we have made this year. It will be interesting to see if we, as Americans, continue to be received with smiles and bon homie in the coming year, as we have until now.

As always, we would love to meet up with our friends and family during our travels.  If you are going someplace exciting, please give us the heads up, we might already be close by! Despite our global wanderings we are usually available via phone, FaceTime, email and Skype, so please stay in touch.  (Oh yeah and now through our blog.  Go figure.)

With much love,

Ken & Theresa

Written by TravelingHomebodies



great variety of scenery , people and wildlife! Bali is calling me..Mexico looks more beautiful than dangerous and why is Thailand concerned about camels? Australia is a beautiful place despite the shady bird head character. warning about Owasco lake… Pranksters are roaming about with homemade instruments! thanks for the escapes !!!


Bali: Jo?
Jo: Bali?
Bali: Jo…
Jo: Bali!
Ken: I think I hear it too!
Mexico is amazing. Just don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Thai hospital administrators are suspicious of camels. Yes, or no!
Oz also has shady crocodiles swimming around the reefs. Which would you prefer?
Hey! Those are my Pranksters!

Laura Blakeslee

Along with all the stories, I love seeing so many photos of you two! Keep ’em coming ? We moved to D.C. this past summer; I’m currently working as a Demographer at the Census Bureau. I don’t suppose that counts as exciting, but trust you’ll let us know if you find yourselves anywhere nearby.
xox Laura (& Dale, Curtis, Lucille)

Mike and Amie Faulkner

Great idea for the blog Ken and TB! Amie and I are travelling the world vicariously through you. Hope the new year bring far more joy and far fewer tough times….lots of love, Mike Amie, Owen and Gabi


This is great. As someone distant I would love to read the story of how this life came to be. Or if you’re in Philly I’d hear it, happy happy new year


Thanks so much Beulah. I would love to see you. I’ll start working on “The Story” today. I appreciate the inspiration. Happy New Year! XO Theresa

anthony stephen green

Hi Theresa, nice to see you have your own blog space, impressive site you have made and I have saved it in my favorites for ez access. good luck and looking forwards to lots of posts. steve green


Thanks Steve! Getting wonderful feedback like yours keeps us motivated. Happy New Year!


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