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You cannily hide it for as long as humanly possible, but these are canines. We’ve experienced it too. Pets. Almost from the day you set that travel plan in motion, they just seem to know. You’re leaving. The new purchases from the travel store, gear check, hats, extra online time, that big smile on your face? What are you up to?  Face it – animals have abandonment issues, and they’re psychic to boot. We chose this pic just for that reason – the three dogs at our first international house sit, in the Seychelles off east Africa, practically blocked the door as their mom left. Believe it or not, they survived for two months!

Written by TravelingHomebodies


Barbara Williams

Theresa, I have shared your blog with my friends back in the states.
I am just so impressed with your adventures and happiness while doing it.
We met in Panama and went to the hospital to deliver baby blankets made by our local resident expats.


Thanks Barbara. It tickles us that people are enjoying our blog so thanks for sharing. I want to try and do a post that includes all the fabulous volunteer activities we got to participate in in Coronado thanks to the incredible expat community there. Stay posted!


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