Fun in the Seychelles

Ken and Theresa with Iris, Rhinco and a bit of Mabel  in the Seychelles

Why We Make Great House Sitters

We have a wonderful house in San Francisco that we love and we treat every place we go as if it were our own.  Ken’s a great handyman, we both love to garden, we’re not afraid of cleaning and we are happy spending time at “home”.  We both love animals and have lots of experience caring for them.  We have had a variety of pets (dogs, cats, tarantulas, snakes, lizards, birds) and have fostered dogs for an organization that specializes in rescuing senior dogs. Theresa  worked with 2 gorillas – Ndume and Koko at The Gorilla Foundation and we have both worked as volunteers at zoos — Ken with insects and Theresa with reptiles and amphibians.  Besides getting along with the pets and the neighbors we also get along amazingly well with each other thanks to our both having a great sense of humor and a shared dream. We make an incredible house sitting team.