Theresa and I have always enjoyed our stays in Mexico, especially near the ocean on the Yucatan Coast. With recent house sits in Puerto Vallarta and San Miguel de Allende, as well as visits to Guanajuato and Mexico City (images above), we like Mexico more than ever.

We’re continually astounded by the wide range of visual arts found there. From the ever-present Virgin of Guadalupe, to sculpture, murals, skulls, kittens, death, even in commercial design, distinctly Mexican art pops up in public spaces, back streets, museums and the edges of construction sites, created with love, skill and usually humor. Wanted to give you a sample of what we’ve discovered this autumn.


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Hey this looks great. I would like to read what you’ve written, but it seems to be on a ‘slide show’ mode, and moves too fast for me!


Hi Sharyn, you can either click on the larger images on the header, or scroll down and click on the static images, to get to the posts. Hope you enjoy them!

George Soler

Hi K & T-
I was kinda hoping you would end up doing something like this (blog). I like your style and it’s nice to see a world perspective from two pairs of friendly house-sitting eyes. Actually, I’m kind of envious: I wish I could be traveling like you… just don’t have the guts.
Miss you both. But the question is: did you, or did you not touch the camel?


I thought it almost had a philosophical ring to it, so it just needed to be shared!


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