img_7294In Phnom Penh we made a waterfront bordello our base of operations for several days. Okay, it was more of a no-tell motel than a bordello – the transactions were made at the bars around the corner. It was a welcoming place, this hostel in the red light district, with red walls, pop music, a real dart board, the best pool table in town, a great bar/restaurant and rotating poker games upstairs.

Overseeing it all were well-dressed, attractive and friendly young Cambodian women who were not part of the trade around the corner. Our room came complete with sports and big truck magazines and huge mirrors on every wall some of which bore the palm prints of previous tenants. I guess that was when we realized that we may be a little different from the usual guests. That and when we came down for breakfast early the next morning and found a half dozen guys, laughing, smoking, and playing one last game of pool after paying off their escorts and seeing them into tuk-tuks to get some sleep before their next shift at the Pussycat Bar.

Written by TravelingHomebodies


Sophia & John

Hey you guys! Was just thinking about you both and wondering how it was going, clearly very well, awesome!
Happy new years and happy trails!


Miss you too! Feliz an~o nuevo. Sorry I haven’t figured out the spanish keystroke access. Hope we’ll see you in February when we are back for a few weeks (2/3 – 23)


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