Establishing Rapport

Theresa, Res & Furball

Pet sitting requires the ability to quickly create strong bonds with other people’s pets.  Luckily for us we have always been able to establish great relationships with the pets we sit.  In Bali it took no time at all for Furball and Res to begin following us everywhere – to stores, into restaurants, swimming in the ocean, we were a gang of four.  True, Res did have an independent streak and would occasionally wander off on her own but never for very long.  Furball on the other hand was sure to never let us out of her sight.  We loved it.  Everything was perfect… until the day we went to the spa.

The Spa – Balinese Elegance

The spa was next door at a beautiful boutique resort directly on the beach. A palm-tree-lined path led to an open-air restaurant and a Bali-beautiful reception area. Brilliantly colored orange, purple and magenta bougainvillea flowers bloomed everywhere.  We checked in at reception for our couple’s massages and were soon escorted to the spa by two beautiful, young Balinese women. Res wandered off as we made our way deeper into the resort but Furball stuck with us.

The spa, hidden in a quiet, secluded corner of this resort paradise, was a beautiful private oasis with a moat of water lilies surrounding it and a zen rock garden surrounding the moat.  At the bridge crossing the moat to the door of the spa, we told Furball that we’d be back and that she could hang out in the garden and wait if she wanted.  She looked at us curiously, head cocked. After we changed into robes and sat drinking tea amidst Indonesian art, music and flowers, the two young women kneeled in front of us, washing and massaging our feet.

The Plunge

With blissful smiles and closed eyes we began to relax into our chairs and enjoy the experience. That is until we heard a loud splash.  Oh shit!  Please, please, please let it be a gardener, a bird, a falling coconut, armageddon!  But no, I opened my eyes to see Furball swimming through the lilies and muck with a big grin on her face, obviously delighted by her ingenuity in finding us.  As I looked guiltily at the incredibly polite Balinese women, Furball hoisted herself up out of the water and scurried over shaking water and mud as she came.  Mortified, we sheepishly apologized and escorted her back out, this time with firm directions to either stay outside or to go home. Again, she looked at us, head cocked to the side, obviously not believing for an instant that we would want to engage in any activity that didn’t include her.

A determined Furball

Implacably deferential, our masseuses escorted us to the whirlpool spa handing us big, white, fluffy towels and more tea. This time we witnessed Furball making her away through the immaculate gardens surrounding the moat searching for a more dignified entry point. She must have found one because there was no splash before she happily sauntered around the corner to join us at our sunken pool.  We quietly hissed at her to go back hoping that our kind ladies were unaware of her latest entrance. She responded to our hissing and our get-the-fuck-out-of-here gestures with a grin and excited tail-wagging. Having found us, she was more than content to lie next to us.

The Massage

Our soak over, we once again escorted Furball out the door and across the bridge with stern commands to stay!  Back inside we were escorted to an open room with two massage tables where we made ourselves comfortable under more
fluffy towels.  Lying on my stomach, peering down through the hole, I was greeted with a bowl of colorful blossoms and petals beneath the table.
My contemplation of the beautiful blossoms was interrupted by – a snout. Oh shit!  Please don’t drink it! I heaved a sigh of relief when she moved on but I could feel the disapproval in the fingers massaging my back. I whispered “sorry” to our finally put-out Balinese masseuses and resigned myself to the fact that Furball would be with us during our massages.  I tried to ignore her and was more or less successful once she found a place to lie down after checking out Ken on his table.
Sixty minutes later we seriously overtipped our masseuses and sheepishly skulked away with a happy, muddy, wet Furball at our side.  Definitely not the most relaxing spa experience we had ever had but Furball had a good time.


Written by TravelingHomebodies



Oh what a great story … not the most relaxing massage … but one you will never forget.
Thanks for sharing


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